The Route To Tokyo Lesson Plans Now Available

March 17, 2014

The editors of The Route To Tokyo – The World War II Experiences of Lt. Commander John R. Hubbard USNR have created four (4) lesson plans with accompanying homework assignments for use by high school history/social studies teachers and home schooling parents. Each lesson plan is based on selected chapters from The Route To Tokyo by historian and former president of the University of Southern California, John R. Hubbard. The lesson plans are designed to supplement standardized World War II history curriculum.
1. The Makings of a Soldier: Students will analyze an individual’s experiences at the start of World War II and the reason the United States formally declared war against Germany, Italy and Japan. Students will learn how to use materials such as biographies and autobiographies as a source for research and in turn gain a greater appreciation for the WWII veterans’ experiences.
2. Pearl Harbor: Students will develop a greater understanding of why the United States joined World War II. With a greater focus on the attack at Pearl Harbor, students will discover the roles played by Japan and Germany in this decision.
3. The Route to Tokyo: Students will learn basic geography and analyze strategies using events of WWII in the Pacific.
4. USA vs. Japan: Students will discover the events leading to the end of World War II. Students will observe the differences between Japanese and American mentalities.

The lesson plans are free and available upon request via Please provide the following with your request:
• your name
• email to which we should send the pdf file
• the name of your school, city & state (if home schooling, please indicate)
• subject you teach
• the number of students you teach
• whether you are using a printed book or eBook