May 17, 2014

The Route to Tokyo is an amazing read. As an academic historian, I was mesmerized by the clarity of detail and recollection this book contains. As a World War II buff, I was enthralled by the history of the development, preparation, and execution of Naval Aviation and the role these aviators played in the conflict. Dr. Hubbard is an avid and voracious storyteller who was able to bring these distant events to life, just as if we were sitting down and conversing with each other.
-- Richard Drieling, PhD

As a mother of a middle school child, I have difficulty finding ways to encourage my daughter to read, and find it even more difficult for her to learn to enjoy and appreciate history. Fortunately, I came across this book just at the time her school was studying World War II. We began reading the book aloud together, then as her interest developed in the stories, she took the book into her room and read it entirely by herself, then came back to me to tell me some of the stories that she was able to recall. Thank you to Dr. Hubbard for being able to recount your adventures in such a clear manner as to capture the interest of a 14 year old.
-- Regina Self

The Route to Tokyo brought the distant past events of World War II to life. As told by my uncle, whose history I knew something about, this book brought him and his experiences to life in dramatic fashion. I have a deeper appreciation for the legacy of the man, and a better appreciation of the knowledge he acquired and the skills he possessed that made him into the successful man he eventually became. The clarity and detail he provided are amazing, the skill in writing as if conversing with a friend is captivating, and the stories told bring this period of history to life.
-- John K. Hubbard, PhD

I gave this book a quick read to see if it was appropriate for my teenage boys before I knew that the editors have created lesson plans to go along with it. I now have a copy of the lesson plans. This is going to make a great summer reading project for my boys. I'd love to see the book in their school library.
-- Angela Larson

The Route To Tokyo is a quick read and a great read. I was fascinated by Hubbard's account of the delivery of THE BOMB to Iwo Jima in preparation for its drop over Hiroshima.
-- Brian D. Johnson, Esq.